Lab Activity Every Chem Class

As a main component of Flipping my Honors Chemistry course this year, I am attempting to have students involved in a lab, activity or demonstration as often as possible throughout the year. 

I will compile the PDFs for each of these activities as we complete them throughout the year.

I have added links to the YouTube Video for Science is Happening in Room 229 

Observing Candles
Observing the Reaction of Al and CuCl2
Solid or Liquid, Fun with Cornstarch
Classifying Matter
Liquid Densities
What's in the Box?
Building Bohr Models
What's an Isotope Movie
Atomic Timeline Infographic 
Flame Test
Electronegativity in 3D
Periodic Trends in Ionic Radii
Metal Reactivity Trends      
Ionic Dice 
Solutions Containing Ions 
Ionic Compounds and Precipitates
Building VSEPR Models    VSEPR Geometry Chart
Covalent Bond Strength
Reaction in a Baggie
Balancing Equations for Precipitate Reactions
12 Station Formative Balancing
Moles, Molecules and Atoms
Iron, Copper Sulfate and the Mole Ratio
Limiting Reagents and Percent Yield
Charles' Law Lab
Boyle's and Charles' Data Lab          
Crushing Cans Lab - Gas Laws

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