Thursday, May 29, 2014

Slide Share "Flip" Your Science Instruction Manchester NH

"Flip" Your Science Instruction Manchester NH
Slide Share May 30, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Slideshare for Flip Your Science Instruction Seminar, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, May 29, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

10 TEDs to Create a Learning Environment for Your Flipped Science Classroom

10 TEDs to Create a Learning Environment for Your Flipped Science Classroom

It is my humble opinion that the number one key to the success of a "Flipped Classroom" is the development of a classroom environment that values learning over the accumulation of grades.  Creating a community of learning that we all benefit when we all participate in the process of gaining knowledge.   While this may seem "utopian", there is an actual joy that comes about in students who lose the the stress of being defined by a letter.  

I use these TED's in my classroom and as home viewing content to assist in the development of that learning environment for the students entrusted to my care.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Practical Strategies and the Best, New Tools
May 21, 2014 Minneapolis, MN (Brooklyn Center)
May 22, 2014 Chicago, IL (Bloomingdale)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Growth in Flipped Learning Infographic

Growth in in Flipped Learning Infographic 
from SOPHIA 

Sophia and the Flipped Learning Network collected the data in a survey earlier this year. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

You Are a Teacher

You Are a Teacher

The following comes from a quote from
President John Quincy Adams. 
The last line has been changed from
"Leader" to "Teacher." 
However, the sentiment still remains.

If your actions inspire others to
DREAM more,
LEARN more,
DO more and
BECOME more,
you are a TEACHER.                 
                    Adapted from a quote by John Quincy Adams

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Are You the GUIDE on the SIDE?

Are You the GUIDE on the SIDE?
Focus on the Student and the Teacher
Language of the Student
Vocabulary of the Student
Instructors Model Learning
Students Interact With Students
Students Interact with Instructor
Classroom is Noisy
Classroom is Active
Students Evaluate Their Own Work
Students Critique Each Other
Teachers Monitor Evaluation
Instructor Provides Feedback
Students Choose Topics
Knowledge is Unlimited
Instructors Monitor Material
Students Answer Each Others Questions
Teacher Becomes a Resource
Pairs, Trios and Groups Work Together
TEAM takes Effect (Together Each Achieves More)
Emphasis on Process
Assessment is Inter-twined in the Learning
Differentiated assessment is the Norm
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Information is Synthesized
Focus on Understanding the Content
Real Life Examples and Utilization of Content
Learning Process is Evaluated
Teacher Becomes a Mentor
Based upon Student Engagement
How to Think

Are You the SAGE on the STAGE?

Are You the SAGE on the STAGE?
Teacher Centered
Teacher Talks – Students Listen
Language of the Teacher
Vocabulary of the Teacher
Instructor Chooses Topics
Teacher Filters Material
Teacher Evaluates Student Work
Classroom is Quiet
Knowledge Limited by Teacher’s Knowledge
Students Work Alone
Classroom is Passive
Knowledge is Passed Down
Students Receive Information
Emphasis on Right Answers
Classroom is Competitive
Learning is Individualistic
Assessment and Teaching are Separate
Testing is Primary Assessment
Information is Gathered
Focus on Completing Content
Based on Delivery
What to Think

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Featured Teacher on SOPHIA

Featured Teacher on SOPHIA

In January I adopted the SOPHIA website as a means of delivering content for my Honors Chemistry class.  I create Tutorials and Playlists for students to view and complete work at home.
Both my students and I ave been very pleased with the SOPHIA site which is run by Capella University and Bill Nye (The Science Guy). I have completed professional development programs online through SOPHIA/Capella on the Flipped Classroom, iPads in the Classroom and the Virtual Classroom. I have shared SOPHIA in my department and have been a featured contributor to the School of Thought Blog.

This month SOPHIA has chosen me as the Featured Teacher for the use of Technology in the classroom. The link below will take you to the SOPHIA website.