Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sophia - Flipped Learning Platform

Sophia - Flipped Learning Platform

Sophia is an online learning platform that provides teachers an opportunity to create tutorials, playlists and pathways for learning.  The Sophia site has been developed  through Capella University,  Bill Nye - The Science Guy, the Mayo Clinic and New Classrooms in an attempt to empower students with an online learning platform with more than 37,000 tutorials from a wide variety of educators with a vast array of educational styles to opportunity of student success. The site provides free professional development opportunities for educators to develop technology use in the classroom.  The Sophia site also provides college credit through Cappella University. 

Through the Sophia platform educators can create class groups and provide students with tutorials for guided learning and practice utilizing, video, slide presentations, pdf, Google forms and other media. These tutorials can be grouped into playlists for themed lessons, sectioned units or complete chapters.
Student progress can be monitored with embedded quizzes.

Sample Playlists


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