Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If, As A Teacher

as a teacher,
I present the same lessons in the same manner that 
have used in the past;
I seek no feedback from my student,
I do not analyze and evaluate their work in a manner 

that changes my own emphasis, repertoire, and timing,
I do not visit and observe other adults as they teach,
I do not share the work of my students with 
for feedback, suggestions, and critiques,
I do not visit other schools or attend particular workshops or seminars or read professional literature on 
aspects of my teaching,
I do not welcome visitors with experience and expertise 
to observe and provide feedback to me on my classroom 
I have no yearly individualized professional 
development plan focused on classroom changes to 
improve student learning,
and finally,
I have no systemic evaluation of my teaching tied to 
grade, department, and school-wide goals,

I have absolutely no way to become better as a 

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