Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Flipping" - We Teach2Learn

You can't give something away unless first you own it yourself. 

Even knowledge must be first owned before it can be shared. 

One of the major themes in my "flipped" classroom stems from the work of Dr. Gary Philips and his work in Brain Research as part of the National School Improvement Project.

We remember 92% of What we Teach Each Other.

One of the means we use in my classroom to synthesize material from the flipped lessons they complete on Sophia.org is to engage students in a process that allows them to teach each other. 

Students work through prompts on lab tabletops with fluorescent dry erase markers to teach, re-teach and learn the material.  Students help each other to understand material by solidifying their own knowledge base through a model of TEACH2LEARN. 


I take the role of Guide on the Side, providing prompts, to guide students who have drifted off track or who may be misguiding in their explanations. My role is to observe and evaluate student understanding as they teach each other. 

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