Monday, March 16, 2015

Choice is a key to Flipped Classroom Success

Choice is a key to Flipped Classroom Success

Provide choices for the students to meet their responsibilities for learning.  Options in the videos they watch, the articles they read or the media used to acquire knowledge.  Provide a bank of options for students to utilize and encourage them to explore other options on their own. 

Provide choices in the methods used to demonstrate their understanding of the content and ways the standards have been achieved.  Assessment opportunities should be both formative and summative and demand that students be capable of dealing with higher order thinking.

Provide time for students to take in the content.  If a student has only one window to hit the target there is a greater opportunity for them to opt out.  However, when there is time for them to choose when they take in the content there is less chance that they can find a reason to opt out. 

Choice provides the student an opportunity to take ownership of their learning process.  When students take ownership of their learning they find more value in the process.  If there is value in the process the student finds greater opportunity for engagement.  

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