Friday, February 6, 2015

10 Reasons To Make Your Own Flipped Videos

10 Reasons To Make Your Own Flipped Videos

I believe that the Flipped Classroom model is less about the videos and more about the environment created in your classroom.  I do however, believe strongly that you should 
make your own videos.  

1. Trust

  • While online presenters like Paul Anderson (Bozeman Science), Tyler Dewitt (Tyler DeWitt) and Hank Green (Crash Course) are wonderful and their materials are well done, IT'S NOT YOU. Your students need to feel secure in their understanding, that the material being presented is the same material upon which they are going to be assessed.  I would however, encourage educators to take advantage of some of the tremendous work that is  available to back-up ad supplement the work you produce for your students.   

2. Familiarity

  • Your students know you. They are familiar with your expectations and the modes of learning that take place in your classroom. This familiarity plays hand in hand with the issue of trust mentioned above.  If students feel comfortable they are more likely to hear your message. 

3. Language and Vocabulary

  • The language and vocabulary for your state, district, school and classroom varies.  Even with the new NGSS, interpretation of language may differ.  Therefore, students need to see and hear the terms and phrasing used in the assessment process in the presentation of the material. 

4. Rituals and Cues

  • Students are comfortable with rituals. There are certain aspects of your classroom, pedagogy, phrasing, cues and clues are a necessary aspect of the learning process.  You may have certain means of delivering information or terms used to help students understand important concepts, topics, formulas that will assist them in preparing for quizzes, tests and otter forms of assessment.  

5. Examples and Stories 

  • The examples and stories used in other presenters work may not always be the same as the samples and information that you find important to share with your students. The story is never the same with a different narrator. It is your personal touch that makes the examples and stories come alive for your audience.     

6. Owning the Learning

  • You can give something away unless you own it first.  In creating your own videos you are giving the students the knowledge you own.  It becomes a gift and therefore is valued more by your students as they take ownership. 

7. Your Time is Valued

  • Students will appreciate and value the information more because you put in the time and energy to create this for for them.  

8. Personal Connection

  • The value of the flipped lesson is not in the videos but in the pedagogy of the classroom. It is the Personal connection that is created in the classroom through the Inquiry Based, Project Based, Mastery and  Gamification Learning that is enhanced through the connection to the information delivered in the video. Students build rapport with people they are familiar with, trust and appreciate.  

9. Because it is Your Classroom

  • Your Classroom, Their Learning.  Whether you are the "Sage on the Stage" or the"Guide on the Side", it is your classroom and you are ultimately responsible for the process of their learning.  

10. Empowers You

  • We all have egos and their is nothing more empowering than creating something of value.  Whether you are validated by your own students, your colleagues or a student from Pakistan who watched and learned from the video you uploaded to YouTube, we all love to be valued. 

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