Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why I have "FLIPPED over FLIPPING"

“Learning, regardless of how it is defined, is ultimately the responsibility of the learner, not the teacher.” 
-Bob Kizlik


If learning is their responsibility, should students not have a voice?

At the end of the first semester, I provided students an opportunity to add their voice to the planning of the second semester by conducting a Survey Monkey online.  Students were asked to evaluate and respond to various aspects of the course including labs, technology, projects and schedule pace. Most important though I wanted to know how the "flipped model" was perceived by the  students as a means to their learning.  

Out of 50 students in my two Chemistry classes, I received 45 responses over the holiday break. While I could summarize the outcomes, I will simply let the students voice stand:

  • The flipped model helped me greatly since I was able to learn the topics in chemistry at my own pace and time since I myself have other honor classes that have a lot of information to learn and take up a majority of my schedule. I have been able to manage my classes better with the flipped model and I have developed a greater appreciation for the subject of chemistry because I can actually have fun in learning with the flipped model and I have gained an insight into the benefits of todays modern technology.
  • The video lectures were extremely helpful because they were concise and to the point in a way that the textbook is not. The activities we did in class really helped reinforce what we learned in the lectures because we had to apply the concepts in class. 
  • It's probably one of the greatest learning tools that is so easy to make, yet no other teacher seems to utilize it, but apart from that being able to learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace certainly helped in my learning process. 
  • The flipped model helped me learn more about chemistry because there were more hands on experiments and activities during class. The videos could be replayed over and over if you have missed something or did not understand something. 
  • I already knew what we were going to cover in class and I felt prepared. 
  • I really liked the flipped classroom. I went home and learned it, and took the short quizzes to see if i understood everything, and in class, we didn't have to waste time learning anything, we could just go straight into the labs, and make more of our class time. 
  • It helped quite a lot, but in the long run did not make a significant difference on how well I understood the material. There were certainly moments where I needed to check the videos online, and I'm of course very appreciative of the amount of time spent doing activities during class. 
  • It helped so much because I could learn on my own time and use the class time to my advantage. Also if I don't understand something I could always go back and re-learn. I wish all the teachers could have a curriculum similar to Mr. Miller's. 
  • It worked very well for me, allowing more class time for active practice of the topic and a free schedule at home to do the content. 
  • Whenever I did not understand a topic, I could always replay the video. If I really didn't understand, I still had the opportunity to ask Mr. Miller about the subject in class. 
  • It was my most favorite class because of the flipped learning style. It was very relaxed and I got to enjoy the class while applying the things I had learned from it.
All is not perfect with the "Flipped Model" .  There are things I still need to address, but even students with concerns voiced satisfaction with the process.
  • It was helpful, but when I had questions in class, the lab took up the whole class, meaning I rarely had a chance to ask questions. 
  • It worked for me, but I didn’t like that I had to go home and watch videos about the lessons because if we have questions, we can’t ask you at that moment.
Student response was overwhelming in the support of this model of learning.  The "Flipped Model" provided more time in class for me to do the types of labs and activities I never seemed to have time for.  The process resoundingly provided better use of time for my students.  But most importantly the student voice tells me that they appreciate the process for the "LEARNING". 

I have "Flipped over Flipping".

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