Monday, July 7, 2014

Padlet - Include an Online Graffiti Wall for Your Classroom

Padlet - Include an Online Graffiti Wall for Your Flipped Classroom  

Padlet is a online web based "Graffiti Wall" for real time collaboration and a vehicle for the sharing of information, creating discussions and visualizing possibilities.

Uses for the Padlet

  • to brainstorm ideas 
  • to problem solve
  • to share understanding
  • to survey groups
  • to test student knowledge
  • to gather website links
  • to share information in a presentation
  • to organize data
  • to communicate online
  • to initiate discussions 
  • to create wish wall
  • to provide peer assessment
  • to expand your imagination
Padlet is very user friendly.  Once you have registered for your free account, which you can do through your Google account, it is very easy to create and name your wall.  

The layout menu located on the right side of the workspace allows for the options for your wallpaper, organization, privacy and notification settings.  

Padlet layoutLayout options include freeform as in the example above or in a streaming style.  

Sharing addressPadlet can assign a url for your wall or you can personalize the url for your needs. 

Padlet visibility options
There are options to share the Padlet wall in a variety of ways. You can make the wall public, or you can share with specified groups.  Users can view, view and share content, and view, share and edit content. 
The Padlet wall can be password protected. 

    Padlet sharing options
Padlet walls can be shared as a learning activity, saved PDF, uploaded to Dropbox, shared as a link, embedded in a webpage or shared through a QR code.


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