Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Are You the GUIDE on the SIDE?

Are You the GUIDE on the SIDE?
Focus on the Student and the Teacher
Language of the Student
Vocabulary of the Student
Instructors Model Learning
Students Interact With Students
Students Interact with Instructor
Classroom is Noisy
Classroom is Active
Students Evaluate Their Own Work
Students Critique Each Other
Teachers Monitor Evaluation
Instructor Provides Feedback
Students Choose Topics
Knowledge is Unlimited
Instructors Monitor Material
Students Answer Each Others Questions
Teacher Becomes a Resource
Pairs, Trios and Groups Work Together
TEAM takes Effect (Together Each Achieves More)
Emphasis on Process
Assessment is Inter-twined in the Learning
Differentiated assessment is the Norm
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Information is Synthesized
Focus on Understanding the Content
Real Life Examples and Utilization of Content
Learning Process is Evaluated
Teacher Becomes a Mentor
Based upon Student Engagement
How to Think

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